By Daniel Dugour, 16-05-2014

This will be my vent for random creativity. Things that do not fit into my regular work as owner of Dugour Productions & Lemonade Animation. Things that have no commercial value, and are not meant to be sold or to sell. Things that I like to make, or to look at, or both.

Right now, this vent is still a vacuum. Which appeals to me, because I like anything SciFi or having to do with space. Which is not the only place a vacuum exists: in a lot of physics labs people have machines, vacuum machines. And I don’t mean vacuum cleaners: they don’t make a vacuum, they lower the air pressure a bit inside the cleaner, so there’s a pressure gradient in the hose, which causes an air flow just outside┬áthe mouth of the hose, which lifts up dust and small particulate matter. This then flows into the cleaner, so we know where it is and can throw it in the dust bin for easy removal.

Have you ever noticed that blowing seems to have a much bigger effect than sucking? At the business end of a vacuum cleaner you can hardly feel a thing, unless you’re very close to it. But at the back, where the warm air comes out, all the dust that hasn’t been sucked up already is scattered around the house in a big whirlwind. And it must be the same amount of air: a vacuum cleaner doesn’t create air from nothing. Or does it?